What is Food Factory

“Food Factory” is an online platform that enables order of fresh, organic and tasty agricultural products right from farms. The platform launched to foster the sale of products of Armenian farmers and give opportunity to consumers to enjoy the taste of real agricultural products. We gathered together more than 20 farmers who offer rich assortment of products to consumers through effective cooperation with us.

Our Mission

From the first day of our launch we aimed at fostering the sale of products of Armenian farmers. They have the opportunity to offer their assortment to consumers, tell about they production and activities. Due to larger demand farmers may enlarge the volumes of their production, thus also developing their farms. In their turn, consumers may order organic agricultural products right from farms and see which farmer they are ordering from.

Our Farmers

We cooperate with small and large farmers living and working in different regions of Armenia. They have their profiles in website where you can see what they offer, where and in what kinds of conditions they produce products. The products of our farmers are purely organic and void of any additives. They constantly improve their production and assortment to offer more complete range to customers.
We are way too selective in choosing our farmers: we ensure quality check and freshness of products beforehand.

How It Works

Our service consists of a simple chain:

1. Receiving orders from customers
2. Collection of products right from farms
3. Packing of products
4. Secure and on time delivery of fresh products

Retail and Wholesale

Except for retail that enables purchasing the products in small quantities, there is also an opportunity of wholesale in our website. In a special section, you may register for wholesale as a company or as a physical entity.


We ensure secure and on time delivery of products. Our qualified and trained staff will arrange the delivery of products right to your door with special refrigerated cars that will keep the products fresh and safe. Delivery will be arranged during one day, delivery fee is 500 AMD. There will be free delivery for purchases that cost more than 10000 AMD.

Notes Before You Leave

1. Some products that have great demand, expire very quickly, as they are available in restricted amounts. On the other hand, due to the fact that we have more than one supplier for a product we manage to promptly supplement given product in website.

2. Our farmers daily update their products in website so that you can see the availability of each product when placing your order.

3. We continually involve new farmers into our factory thus expanding also our assortment․ There is a special section in our website where you can fill in the application to become our partner.

4. The feedback of our customers is very important for us, so we created special section where you can leave your comments concerning farmers, their production and our services.