Armenia is home to many delicious types of cheese. Cheese is considered to be an integral part of Armenian table-everything is eaten with cheese. Bread and cheese along with some herbs or vegetables are considered to be one of the best options for snack.
Armenia is mostly famous for salty types of cheese-lori, chanakh, motal, chechil and goat cheese are the best – known ones. Here we will have a brief introduction to these types of cheese, speak about their qualities and tell about the production technologies.  


Chanakh is a traditional Armenian cheese in brine. The recipe is said to be created by shepherds many centuries ago. It is made from cow milk, has soft consistency with numerous holes of various shapes and sizes, scattered all over the cheese. The color ranges from white to pale yellow. Ripened cheese has robust salty taste and specific flavor. Cheese ripens in two months.


As you can guess from its name lori cheese is mostly made in one of the most beautiful regions of Armenia – Lori. The region is very famous for its cheese production technologies for many years. Lori is a semi-soft cheese made from pasteurized cow milk, without rind, ripens in two months. Ripened cheese has moderately savory and salty taste.


Motal cheese is considered to be “a visiting card to Gegharkunik region of Armenia”. The cheese is said to be 5000 years old. Shepherds used to make it centuries ago and now it is in the list of endangered types of cheese although many steps are taken in Armenia to save the traditional recipe of cheese.
It is made from sheep milk and is ripened for at least 4-5 months. Motal contains also a mixture of the finest and the most aromatic herbs of Armenian mountains that make the cheese delicious and make you feel the taste of Armenia.


Chechil is said to be the “Armenian Sulguni”. It is made from pasteurized cow milk and is low in fat. Its taste is salty, very chewy, and with a smoky flavor to it. Its consistency is firm and smooth. Chechil is one of the cheeses produced in the Armenian Highlands and is also called husats or tel. It is a kneaded or pulled cheese, and the art of the cheese-maker is in stretching it thin so that it yields a “chicken-breast texture”. 

Goat Cheese

And finally, goat cheese, that is made from goat milk. Cheese is mostly known and produced in Vayots Dzor region of Armenia. Goat cheese has salty taste and very unique flavor.

All in all, Armenian cuisine offers a wide variety of traditional cheese types that are tasty, unique with flavor and evoke great spirits while tasting. Try them once, and you will come to them every time.
We hope this article will help you decide what types you would like to try most. Bon appétit!


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