Remember the days you used to spend in countryside at your grandparents’ drinking fresh milk in the morning? Then you may remember how great it tasted and you may agree that milk always makes our day just a little bit better.
Here we have 10 facts about this fantastic drink that you may not have heard about:

1. Milk is one of humanity’s first foods. People drank cow’s milk even before they started practicing agriculture – more than 10,000 years ago.

2. “Food of the Gods”: Throughout history, different cultures have embraced milk as a staple. From Greeks and Romans to Egyptians and Sumerians, ancient mythology valued milk as the “food of the gods.”

3. A Family Affair: Did you know that 97 percent of dairy farms are family owned and operated – often by multiple generations?

4. A Nutrient Powerhouse: To get the same amount of protein in an eight-ounce glass of milk, you’d need to eat one and a third eggs!

5. Who Knew? It takes more than 21 pounds of whole milk to make a single pound of butter and 12 pounds of whole milk to make a gallon of ice cream.

6. The United States of Milk: Forget state birds or state flowers. Did you know 28 states have a “state beverage”? And 21 of those states choose milk.

7. Chocolate Milk for the Win: Low-fat chocolate milk makes a great post-workout recovery drink. Research shows that drinking chocolate milk after a workout can be as effective as some sports drinks in helping the body refuel, recover and rehydrate from exercise. Drink up!

8. A Cheesy Stat: One-third of all milk produced in the U.S. goes into making cheese.

9. Classical Taste: One study showed that dairy cows might just love some classical tunes! Some may give more milk when listening to music like Mozart or Beethoven.

10. Saving the Best for Last: It may take a few more steps to get to it, but you’ll always find milk in the back of the grocery store for a good reason – it has to stay cold. Milk is transported in a temperature-controlled truck and quickly off-loaded into a cold room at the rear of the grocery store. Keeping the dairy section near this cold room helps keep milk tasting great. Keep your milk at the back of your fridge at home, too, for lasting freshness!

Source: https://www.usdairy.com/news-articles/10-amazing-things-you-didnt-know-about-milk

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